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A very simple and effective micro nymph that utilizes a multi rib

A very simple and effective micro nymph that utilizes a multi rib


A very simple and effective micro nymph that utilizes a multi rib construction. This fly

Here is the miniature articulated version of the Masked Avenger 2.0 that you have seen me tie live on Facebook. This is truly a get it done articulated ...

The updated recipe that I currently use for the Masked Avenger. Many of you have inquired for it, so here she is. Colors are endless, so are the sizes with ...

A streamlined weighted caddis larva pattern utilizing Clear Cure Goo Hydro to make a virtually indestructible nymph pattern. Once the fly is hit with the " ...

The follow up video to the PMD nymph using acetate floss for the body of the fly. Really simple nymph pattern, just how I like them. Enjoy.

Split Case Sulphur Nymph

This is an entirely synthetic dry fly pattern utilizing the EP trigger point fibers. This particular variation is for the blue winged olive which is a hatch ...

Tying Halfback Nymph Instructions | How To Tie a Halfback Nymph | Half Back Nymph Fly - YouTube

A different spin on a bunny style saltwater streamer. Total guide fly that's very versatile and durable, and most importantly, quick and easy to tie.

Leadhead - tied by Hans Weilenmann - YouTube

Crippled Emerger fly tying instructions by Shane Stalcup

Bead Head Baetis Nymph

Pheasant Tail Nymph

Fly of the Month 06.10 Pheasant Tail Nymph The pheasant tail has stood the test of time. Created by Frank Sawyer to fish the chalk streams in the south of ...

Tying a Small Olive Nymph with Davie McPhail - YouTube

Baetis Green Tantalizer Sizes 18/16 Fly Tying Patterns, Nymphs, Fly Fishing,

Here is a quick variation of the Hare's Ear Nymph that I like to fish. Tied on a Partridge Jig hook using a metallic red slotted tungsten bead, this pattern ...

Fly of the Month 07.10 Flat Bodied Yellow Stone


This pack of assorted trout and steelhead flies gives you 3 highly effective nymph patterns to

Iron Blue Dun


1 Doz Bead Head Flash Back Pheasant Tail Mayfly Nymph Flies-Mustad Signature

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Fly of the Month 01.13 Yallerhamer Nymph One of the most popular Southern Appalachian flies used by local anglers for a century is known as the “yellow ...

A Frenchie or other soft bodied nymph pattern such as this Copper and Olive are well

... https://d3d71ba2asa5oz.cloudfront.net/13000320/images/967-

Hemingway's Micro Glint Thread 2

Caddis Pupa (multi-toned)

A Simple Mayfly Nymph

Now select another long herl with nice long fibres for the ribbing that will represent the nymphs gills.

https://d3d71ba2asa5oz.cloudfront.net/13000320/images/967- ...


Burrowing Mayfly Nymph

Burnt Toast Czech Nymph

The August Fly 1


Here is the video for the bush meat streamer, an entirely synthetic streamer that was recently detailed in Greg Senyo's new book, Fusion Tying.

Two of my favorite SOS color schemes: original black (on left) and a



Caddis Pupa Hook:Curved nymph hook, size 16. Bead:3mm tungsten bead. Thread: Brown Nano silk. Body: Tan or green rabbit. Rib: Black or brown small wire

Pintar PT Nymph

Black Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymphs

Emerson's Nymph Gold

Eurotackle Micro Finesse Shrimp X




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Eurotackle Micro Finesse Shrimp X


Icewater Leech

Simplified Pheasant Tail Nymphs mimic mayfly nymphs very well and may even be taken for other


The finished grey mayfly nymph.


Red Holo Rib Mini Lure

Trout Fly Fishing Flies 30 GOLD HEADED NYMPHS SET 33J

One Dozen (12) Wonder Nymph size 18 fishing flies

... and pull it over the thorax of the nymph to form the wing case. Tie down with 2 or 3 turns of tying thread, as close to the green chenille as possible.

The trimmed rear body should now look like this from the side.

AvidMax Pheasant Tail Nymph Fly Tying Pattern Materials Kit

Hook: Standard nymph, 1x long, size 14-24. Weight: Scant turns of undersized lead wire, or omit. Thread: Brown 8/0. Tails: Pheasant tail fibers. Rib: Fine ...


CDC French Nymph Jig


Western Nymph Selection | 12 Flies ...

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The finished brown mayfly nymph.

Tungsten Hare's Ear Nymph

Confidence patterns are a personal choice. Higa's SOS has become one of my core patterns

... Medium mono nymph eyes, pale green

Eurotackle Micro Finesse Anisoptera

If you have ever seen a golden stonefly nymph swim, you will understand the importance of how this jig pattern behaves while being fished under tension, ...

Here are a few well proven patterns that always gets fish for me….I like a bit of a soft hackle on my nymphs

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Rib the body with copper wire in an counter-clockwise direction and tie off at the post.


Winged Spider Black Gold Butt Size 14

Angel Hair

entomology 101 - stoneflies


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10PCS#12 Brass String Brown Nymph for Trout and Panfish Fly Fishing Mayfly Midge

Fly of the month02.11 Czech Nymph This “fly of the month” represents the latest in the Tim Wilhelm/Tom Adams series. For those who attended the January ...

How should I pick the right nymphs to use?


Snapping Craw


... most younger guys, fly fishing for carp is just part of the landscape. In their generation, I suspect that it might end up being kindof weird to NOT fly ...

Fly of the Month 08.13 Howell's Trip Saver This “fly of the month” represents the latest in the Alen Baker/Tom Adams series.

Crisp Pack Buzzer