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Bitcoin is likely a fraud designed by the NSA and staged as part of

Bitcoin is likely a fraud designed by the NSA and staged as part of


With dozens of coins surpassing $1 billion in market cap and bitcoin in the hundreds of billions, there's a lot of money ...

A man walks past an electric board showing exchange rates of various cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin

The law gives the Marshals Service primary responsibility for disposing of assets seized in federal criminal

Criminal underworld is dropping bitcoin for other cryptocurrency | South China Morning Post

Bitwise Calls Out to SEC: 95% of Bitcoin Trade Volume Is Fake, Real Market Is Organized

The NSA Makes Ghidra, a Powerful Cybersecurity Tool, Open Source

Hackers make off with 7,000 bitcoin worth US$40 million from Binance Exchange in a large scale security breach | South China Morning Post

The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin


Stealing bitcoins with badges: How Silk Road's dirty cops got caught


French MtGox CEO in Japan charged with embezzlement amid bitcoin fraud investigation | South China Morning Post

NSA Bitcoin FOIA

The Leaked NSA Spy Tool That Hacked the World

Why has China declared war on bitcoin and digital currencies? | South China Morning Post

The icon of “Trezor Mobile Wallet” after installation

Fake cryptocurrency apps crop up on Google Play as bitcoin price rises | WeLiveSecurity

A sign above a bar in Germany.

Did “The Shadow Brokers” hack NSA cyberweapons worth $500M?

Top-Secret NSA Report Details Russian Hacking Effort Days Before 2016 Election

The WannaCry Ransomware Hackers Made Some Real Amateur Mistakes

American crypto investment manager Bitwise released a paper claiming that fake trading volumes by crypto exchanges do not impact bitcoin's (BTC) price.

NSA-created cyber tool spawns global attacks — and victims include Russia. '

PricewaterhouseCoopers urge customers to monitor the evolving regulatory landscape and execute due diligence to mitigate potential

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What happens when you spend a week fishing on the dark web?

Bitcoin miners can only increase bitcoin share in a market where there is only a finite

Living on Bitcoin Day 6: An Artist, a Dev and a Moon Boy Walk Into a Bar…

Bitcoin's Crazy Run Is Crushing All Other Digital Currencies

Ethereum Developer Explores the Dark Side of Bitcoin-Inspired Technology


Manipulation, FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt), Mt Gox, fake news and the emergence of avenues like Bitmex that allow for investors who don't even own ...

SEC Postpones VanEck Bitcoin ETF, Yet Again. Should We Expect an Approval in 2019?


Through a website called mybtgwallet.com, they prompted users to give up their private keys for this and other coins in order to generate bitcoin gold ...

Decentralized, Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Exchange Bitsquare to Launch Next Week

Scammers are now pretending to be cops in an extortion scam involving bitcoin. | Source

Meet The 'Assassination Market' Creator Who's Crowdfunding Murder With Bitcoins

Cyber Saturday—Coinbase Loves Hackers, Facebook Election Win, White House Video Fake Out

EXPOSED: The real creator of Bitcoin is likely the NSA as One World Currency

Two Exchanges Overtake Binance on CMC Rankings, But Research Suggests Volume Is Fake

Leaked Documents: NSA Can Identify Bitcoin Users By Using Secret Programs | Crypto Core Media

What happens when you spend a week fishing on the dark web? | The Independent

In April 2014, Norway's Dagbladet newspaper reported that the Norwegian Intelligence Service had purchased a cryptographic computer system code-named ...

A dive into Turla PowerShell usage · Malware · Fake cryptocurrency ...

Hackers Claim to Auction Data They Stole From NSA-Linked Spies

A protester at the trial of Ross Ulbricht (on placard) in New York in

Law enforcement across the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are investigating dozens of hoax bomb threat emails that were sent to ...

How to Use Crypto Anonymously part 1: Bitcoin Isn't as Anonymous as You Think

The NiceHash site.

For Better Computing, Liberate CPUs From Garbage Collection

No-one wants to buy the Shadow Brokers' stolen NSA tools

Magical Mystery Radio: Conspiracy & Paranormal Review


scam promoting page

Was the mastermind behind Silk Road really this easy to find online?

Cybersecurity · Fake cryptocurrency apps crop up on Google Play as bitcoin price rises

North Korea bitcoin fortune: Kim may raked in $200million to fund nuclear weapons

... a post explaining how the NSA had successfully identified Satoshi Nakamoto — the creator of the world's most famous blockchain currency — Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wash Trading: Sifting Facts From Fears

Bitcoin Gold Is About to Trial an ASIC-Resistant Bitcoin Fork

Everything you need to know about the NSA and Tor in one FAQ

NSA's Terrifying Bitcoin Ransomware Leaves Baltimore Begging for Help

Leaked Document Appears to Show NSA Infiltrated Cryptos, Tor, VPN

A guide to anti-misinformation actions around the world



Hacking group auctions 'cyber weapons' stolen from NSA

Did the NSA Create Bitcoin to Usher in One World Currency? | The Daily Bell

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Mark Alex Simon, considered to be the ringleader of a major fake ID ring,

A journey to Zebrocy land · Malware · Fake cryptocurrency ...

NSA Leaks Hacking Tools for Windows 10 to Hacker Groups. Oh no!

Curtis Green, seen here in March 2016, is now selling Silk Road-branded

What happens when you spend a week fishing on the dark web? | The Independent

And when Igot became Bitlio in 2017, potential new users were warned to steer clear.