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By thoroughly reworking some spaces while respecting the function

By thoroughly reworking some spaces while respecting the function


By thoroughly reworking some spaces while respecting the function and worth of others, @olsonkundig

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Framework for Work-Space Planning Using Four-Dimensional BIM in Construction Projects | Journal of Construction Engineering and Management | Vol 140, No 9

ingold temporality of the landscape

The Standard — Product Detail Page Exploration 1.0

Satinsky 04--Mess Hall 2007

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Hélio Oiticica, Bilaterals (1959)

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How does the painted wall relate to the other works on display? What is the conversation? Does the painting function as a background or wall paper or is it ...

From the entrance to the clean lines of the reception, visiting clients experience a visual environment illuminated with light that goes from the light and ...

Most common issues which ruin a relationship, according to a couples counsellor

Whitechapel Public Realm and Open Space Guidance by muf architecture/art - issuu

Halley's Comet




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FIGURE 9.2 A new residential space: St. Peters Basin, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Artist's impression of a gas cloud swirling around a black hole. Credit: NAOJ


FIGURE 9.1 Creating tourism spaces from fiction: Catherine Cookson Country, South Tyneside, England

A rocket being built in a rocket factory.


We're reflecting on different moments of a space that is representative for the universe of the Romanian urban environment. During the second part of the ...

Through the Lens of the Law: Court Cases and Social Issues in India

David Lynch Folds Space: Because He Is the Kwisatz Haderach!

... but not necessarily formal education and training programs. It's more about enabling people to learn together by providing the tools and the space .

Figure 2: Photo of the EDRS-C spacecraft in the anechoic test chamber (image credit: ESA, S. Corvaja)

Profile n. 4 Pagliarelli - Palermo. Region of Sicily, IT (Photo: Google Maps)

Various areas have been optimised in line with an "activity-based model", encompassing carefully designed open spaces that support the specific business ...

The Jeep Wrangler has gone through a very intense transformation for the new year's release, helping it roll staunchly to victory for “SUV of the Year” ...

Rendering: Detailed Screen Space Shadows (DSSS)

planetary boundaries

Living Spaces

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Created by renowned industrial designer Antonio Bullo, The Gap features modern and stylish lines whilst delivering both a compact and functional bathroom ...


Very Large Array

Smithsonian Celebrates MER 10

While the seaside promenade in Batumi, Georgia pulses with kitsch touristic restaurants and bars, the park hugging the coastline was where we found our ...

To him, glass is one of several materials that provide the possibility of conveying his thoughts about space.

I also greatly admire Karla Ortiz for her strength of will and personality – she inspires me all the time to treat others with respect and work my butt off!

Navigation Space Model

Klingon Scientists Get No Respect

New England Home Connecticut Spring 2019 by New England Home Magazine LLC - issuu

Natural light floods the five-storey space


In Gabby Deeming's Bloomsbury flat, the bed takes up the width of the room. The window has a linen half-curtain made from a vintage tablecloth as a ...

Sediments and functional traits Applying a functional trait approach to assess marine macrobenthic function

There is a witch hunt on in the workplace. “Open plan” has become a dirty word and the national press are leading the mob in vilifying this so-called ...

The Floater — Product Detail Page Exploration 2.0

Profile n. 13 Eidsvoll Youth Unit East, NO (Photo: Google Maps)



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Figure 6 : Galactic Noise: Antenna sky temperature as a function of the frequency and

The view from production into the appetizing counter's space ...

The Jeep badge is relocated from the Wrangler's face to the front fenders, which makes it feel less cluttered, also while sporting round headlights that ...


3) At some point in time, ...

Figure 27: Weapon System Development Life Cycle

(Get a few different colored sticky notes to represent backlog items.) And, since the team is going to be in there a while, you'll need snacks and coffee to ...

Figure 21: Oude Molen sign near the entrance. Making vacant land visible via place

... in no way ensures that spacefaring as an end it itself will play any constitutive role in the central project of a civilization with a spacefaring ...

There is a spectrum of opinions here, but in my view, marketing is actively promoting a product or service. It's a push tactic. It's pushing out a message ...

Civil society and public institutions in international multi-stakeholder cooperation

The Element of Non-accurate within a Context of Worry

The wooden cable fence is used to contain small animals and is recommended for exhibits with moats or trenches. Whilst functional, some unhappy creatures ...

Rubén Camilo Lois González, Belén María Castro Fernández, and Lucrezia Lopez, “From Sacred Place to Monumental Space: Mobility Along the Way to St. James”

FIGURE 7-1 Representative methods and sample shared representations for defining requirements and design.

UW Tour 2.JPG

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If I wanted the library to feel like the teens' space, it needed some work. It began small — two bean bag chairs and a carpet.

“You can just camp in one of the parks. It's no problem. Everyone does it.” We were tempted a few ...

In Gabby Deeming's Bloomsbury flat, the bed takes up the width of the room. The window has a linen half-curtain made from a vintage tablecloth as a ...

How Mark Shuttleworth became the first African in space and launched a software revolution

Tailored approaches to the large number of relaxation, entry and break-out zones, where both operational and aesthetic functions come into play, ...

supernovaThree distant Type Ia supernovas, as observed by the Hubble Space Telescope in 1997. The bottom images are details of the upper wide views.

Bear in mind that at this point I'd barely ever used Linux or Xwindows, never mind made any changes to them, so when I answered “hmmm – I think so”, ...


Best Western Plus City Centre/Centre-Ville - Guest room

... divided into two main parts: the higher one and the lower one. The lower one is mainly dedicated to the pushbuttons. It is quite had to find some space ...

Top 30 Project Management Interview Questions and Answers. By

One of two atriums designed to give inmates breathing space

Region of Lazio, IT (Photo: Google Maps)

Open AccessArticle

Modified Soviet space-race propaganda poster, showing a rocket shooting off into the distance

One of the unfortunate side effects of bitcoin, which was definitely unintended, is the proliferation of large scale, centralized mining.

But still, many businesses hesitate to narrow down prospects because they worry that means less potential clients. It does from a numbers perspective but it ...

Lost in Space Robot Netflix Season 1

Figure 29: Artist's view of Ariane 6 and Vega-C (image credit: ESA, D. Ducros)