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Foul tipped ball ends up in umpires pocket nevertellmetheodds

Foul tipped ball ends up in umpires pocket nevertellmetheodds


Foul tipped ball ends up in umpire's pocket : nevertellmetheodds

Fixed link: ...

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Francisco Lindor had a hysterical reaction to a foul ball that landed on a catwalk



The unrelated Jim and Jack Youngblood end up playing side by side for the same NFL team ...



WTF? Can't unsee this.

I thought I was having a stroke.


I was playing super scrabble with pronouns and my brother put down Obama and got 44 points for it; the number of his presidency ...

When the phone was tied with a wire- Humans were free. via /r/pics

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Physical Therapy, Med School Memes, Science Memes, Medical Science, Psychology Memes,

... "http://i.imgur.com/PcXoIvy.jpg" ...

It's April 21st and I won the Hamilton lottery for the second time. Exactly one year after I won the first time.

Bench seat, seat bench : oddlysatisfying

Facebook redesign? Why does the app keep becoming uglier and harder to navigate? by ...

overweight kids suggestions, Indications & Signs and symptoms as well as exactly how to conquer

Broadcaster predicts exact count, pitch, and location for players first home run [X-Post /r/ContagiousLaughter] : nevertellmetheodds

Ziur Satseama

Still holds true though by Nigga-HUGE-Penis in r/beetlejuicing

wholesome meme Thursday not all super heros wear capes (chapter four of Cliffhanger ft. first link in bio )


Pretty instant karma. : instantkarma


Girl lays with her childhood friend before his life support is switched off. He was involved in a swimming accident and suffered brain damage.

Oof, big mood. Time to turn this around.

Ziur Satseama

Down by 2 with 2 seconds on the clock and at the wrong end of the field... : nevertellmetheodds

Ballet baseball Dance Humor, Funny Dance, Irish Dance, All About Dance, Dance


I have poked myself in the eye putting my glasses on with my hands.

Cars in Bosnia ...

1, 2, 3 backflip combo : BeAmazed

Warrick Dunn ~ Hero

Behold the rideable cyclone. by Kel_Dorado in softwaregore

It's April 21st and I won the Hamilton lottery for the second time. Exactly one year after I won the first time. : nevertellmetheodds

Cute wedding cake, if both husband and wife absolutely love baseball! But you could

A seagull caught in a Macy's bag fell from the sky and was hanged as the bag became snagged on a barbed wire fence ...

Softball Xelerator

Grapes that merged to look like a pumpkin ...

Google like a boss-tips and tricks to more effectively search Yandex, Like A

Guilty Gear died to save the FGC by ...

Yes, you read that right. White pants are white again WITHOUT SCRUBBING! How


Was halfway across the store before I noticed that I'd grabbed strawberry milk, not 3% milk as intended. by ...

Here in the deep blue ...


Steven Hawking has died on Albert Einstein's Birthday : nevertellmetheodds



A large branch fell onto my wife's vehicle and peeled down the door's outer panel without damaging the glass window.

Threw a dart into the back of another dart this past 4th of July. : nevertellmetheodds


As an umpire, there's a reason why we call where he was set up ...





Old picture but a BurgerKing customer smeared mayonnaise on a table. It's German and translates to ‚son of a bitch/whoreson'. by ...

Mourning Spirit by Tim Derose (Goodkind Tattoo/Chicago, IL)(i.redd.it)

Corgi by me Jose Arvizu at Ace of Hearts tattoo in Long Beach, Ca.(i.redd.it)



They were watching Endgame by silent_approval in r/HumansBeingBros



It looks great by sweettapioca in r/MadeMeSmile

Avatar: The Last Airbender Bending Rodríguez by ...

Just a pint sized painting i did.


Like Nintendo 64 ...


Tame Impala's Currents album, done by Allie Bee at SLC Ink Tattoo in SLC, Utah(i.redd.it)


I see your crushed wasp, and I raise you a crushed lizard : nevertellmetheodds


Thigh piece done at Liongold Ink Tattoo, Pattaya, Thailand.

Oldest Shower beer guy at 55 checking in. Rheingeist Squirrel Nut Brown Ale. Fave Beer from fave brewey.

#1: I mailed out fake-tickets for an in-game concert to my investigators players real-life adresses.




rare "dalmation" fawn by erik_t in r/NatureIsFuckingLit


My floppy-eared girl Rubi. Does anyone else have a floppy-eared GSD? by hello_darling in germanshepherds

Wonder if this happens to anyone else by ...