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History Andre the Giant Roussimoff in The Princess Bride 1987

History Andre the Giant Roussimoff in The Princess Bride 1987


Andre “The Giant” Roussimoff, the legendary wrestler who co-starred in “The Princess Bride,” is getting his own biopic courtesy of Lion Forge Comics and ...

HBO's “Andre the Giant” documentary has a gigantic problem


André the Giant

The Princess Bride

The Cast of "The Princess Bride" remember Andre "The Giant" Roussimoff

Studio Publicity Still from 'The Princess Bride' Andre the Giant © 1987 20th Century

HBO's First Project with Bill Simmons Will Connect to The Princess Bride

A legend about the iconic wrestler has a significant grain of truth to it but has been embellished over the years.

Andre the Giant as Fezzik,----- Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya, -----Wallace Shawn as 'inconceivable' Vizzini from Princess Bride 1987

andre the giant

Andre the Giant

Cast of The Princess Bride Remembers André the Giant

Andre the Giant

André the Giant's Princess Bride fart ...

André the Giant in the early 1970s

André the Giant biopic battling towards Hollywood green light

The beginning and bizarre end to WWF icon Andre the Giant's wrestling career on what would

Big Show – a wrestler often compared with Roussimoff due to his size – was the winner of the 2015 André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 31, ...

The giant named André Roussimoff who towered among wrestlers | CBC Archives

Review: 'As You Wish' by Cary Elwes. The cast of 'The Princess Bride'

André the Giant Picture

Anyone who's a big fan of 1987's The Princess Bride has likely heard stories about pro wrestler Andre Roussimoff, better known by most as Andre the Giant, ...


The Princess Bride (4/12) Movie CLIP - Dream of Large Women (1987) HD - YouTube

“This is true love” | The Princess Bride (1987)

Andre the Giant on HBO will tug at your heart: Here's everything you need to know


Andre the Giant biopic in the works

Andre the Giant's inconceivable drinking feats

Why André the Giant Was Larger Than Life

Andre the Giant and Cary Elwes in a scene from The Princess Bride

robin christensen roussimoff andre the giant daughter father wrestling wrestler actor the princess bride death estate

... set up a meeting with the wrestling promoter Vince McMahon, Sr. In 1973, Roussimoff debuted at Madison Square Garden as "Andre the Giant."

All-female ensemble tells Andre the Giant's story through wrestling and puppets

Andre The Giant

Leave a Flower

Gentle Giant Andre Roussimoff Settled in Ellerbe

André René Roussimoff, known to the world as Andre the Giant, reportedly drew the interest of the Redskins front office who wanted to give him a tryout and ...

André of Ellerbe

Andre The Giant Documentary

Andre Roussimoff: A Giant in his Field

Andre The Giant: Fierce In The Ring But Mr. Nice Guy In Real Life

Giant occasion: Andre The Giant (right) at the screening of The Princess Bride. Also there were the princess herself, Robin Wright, and (below) Rob Reiner ...

He also earned his net worth as Fezzik the Giant from the classic film The Princess Bride, as a one time WWF Champion and as a one time WWF World Tag Team ...

(André René Roussimoff, or Andre the Giant, as Fezzik, The Princess Bride,

The man, the myth, the legend – 'Andre the Giant'

Andre the Giant biopic in development

Andre The Giant

On a mild December morning at Dixie Burger in Ellerbe, North Carolina, several customers of a certain age at a corner table are remembering someone who once ...

Wrestler André The Giant: "Er war ein Riesentyp"

HBO and WWE have teamed up to produce a documentary on the life and times of Andre The Giant. Photo Provided

Samuel Beckett, winner of the 1969 Nobel Prize in Literature used to drive Andre the Giant to school

André the Giant (born André Roussimoff) was Rob Reiner's first and only choice for the role of Fezzik. 'The casting of André the Giant,' said Reiner, ...

The Princess Bride

A post about Andre the Giant


Andre the Giant on HBO will tug at your heart: Here's everything you need to know

Robin Wright on The Princess Bride & André the Giant

Roussimoff with Robin Wright in 1987's “The Princess Bride.” His portrayal of the

Pierre Curie


Moviegoers will hear a different kind of “BOOooo! BOOOooo!!!” in theaters this coming week. The Princess Bride turned 30 this past week and TCM Big Screen ...

HBO's 'Andre The Giant' a hit; 'Paterno' mostly a miss |

10 Facts About Andre The Giant That Prove There's A Lot We Don't Know About Him

André the Giant

Andre The Giant


Andre the Giant

André the Giant

Andre the Giant's daughter Robin Christensen Roussimoff at the HBO Andre the Giant documentary premiere

andre the giant death

The 'Andre The Giant Documentary' tells his whole story. You can catch it early on DSTV Catch-Up from Friday, 14 December or you can watch it on SS4 (SA) or ...

On the set of The Princess Bride, André the Giant once “let out a 16 second fart and brought production to a standstill.” Nobody said anything except ...

André the Giant (André René Roussimoff) picking up chicks on the street, late 1960s

André the Giant

Andre the Giant (Photo by WWE.com)

Andre the Giant poses for a publicity photo in his singlet

When I watch portions of The Princess Bride (1987), and I RARELY re-watch movies, it is his scenes that warm me the most. That's saying a lot about a great ...

A planetarium exhibit about Andre The Giant.


Andre the Giant