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If the rules law are not being enforced to everyone equally not

If the rules law are not being enforced to everyone equally not


If the rules & law are not being enforced to everyone equally (not talking about fairness, but equality), there will be at least one,…

Ethical or legal?

12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

Where do Laws come from?

The government can't enforce every law. Who gets to decide which ones it does?


Trump may believe in the rule of law, just not the one understood by most American lawyers

There is no single agreed definition of the rule of law.

Law and Order: Rules for Living a Shaker Life

Condominiums are the perfect home choice for individuals who want to live in a community with certain amenities, such as a swimming pool, and have no desire ...

Take Your Pick: Law or Freedom : How “Nobody Is above the Law” Abets the Rise of Tyranny

What is a Law?

Hayek on the Rule of Law and Unions

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Introduction to Rule of Law

Miranda Rights Warning is part of a preventive criminal procedure rule that law enforcement are required to administer to protect an individual who is in ...

President Trump at the Army-Navy game on Saturday in Philadelphia. He faces increasing


5 Rule of Law Law in Canada is designed to protect rights of individual citizens Rule of Law = principle of justice that frames Canadian law 3 key ...


The case against human rights

A protest in Cleveland, Ohio, after police officer Michael Brelo was acquitted for the shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

Men in Virginia celebrate open carry laws / Eli Christman

We quote his words not to level some sort of accusation of hypocrisy, but to remind us all of what is at stake.

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The Rule of Law Pyramid

Mosaic representing both the judicial and legislative aspects of law. The woman on the throne holds a sword to chastise the guilty and a palm branch to ...

... which do not have any impact on your ability to drive—also violates the law. This is basically equivalent to being convicted of a DUI because you are ...

Defending Rule of Law Norms: A Conversation with Rod Rosenstein | Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Rule of Law

Jim Weber/ZUMA Press/Newscom

What Rights Do Undocumented Immigrants Have?

What Florida condo owners need to know about how the laws of the state are biased

Demonstration of support for Lava Jato probe, Sao Paulo, December 4, 2016;

Restaurants may implement neutral patron conduct rules, dress codes or other neutral admission policies that are equally applicable to all persons ...

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducting a raid. (AP / US Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

Race, Drugs, and Law Enforcement in the United States

Does Britain still uphold the rule of law?

Fall 2017

The History and Philosophy of Copyright

Environmental Law: Government and Public Policy Towards the Environment

Law and order

3 Rules ...

Elias Klingén

UK police forces 'still abusing stop and search powers'

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Treaty contains a renegotiation provision, according to which the two states must renegotiate some of its provisions 50 years following the conclusion of ...

Racism Does Not Equal Prejudice + Power

... 21.


Laws. Scale of Justice

European Union lawmakers proposed a comprehensive update to the bloc's data protection and privacy rules in 2012.

Britain's new counter-terrorism legislation will undermine the rule of law even further. Laws are not ...

George Washington is depicted addressing the Constitutional Convention of 1787 in this painting by Junius Brutus Stearns.

Australia's system of government is based on the rule of law. This means that everyone has to obey the law; that no-one, no matter how important or powerful ...

Cooperation of law enforcement and intelligence agencies in prevention and suppression of terrorism | Cairn.info

Jim Crow Laws

The UN General-Assmbly in Session

Justice versus Social Justice

A belief that police are biased should affect public opinion about the police. Individuals might see the system as biased in general but not toward them.

Way of the Warrior: The Philosophy of Law Enforcement (Superbia): Bernard Schaffer: 9781493764501: Amazon.com: Books

Civil forfeiture makes law enforcement lawless. The Supreme Court could change that. - The Washington Post

If you analyze the law and strip off those cloudy fictions with which it has been draped in order to conceal its real origin, which is the right of the ...

Federal Law Enforcement: Trump Attacks Everyone

A Brief History of Jim Crow. “

Abuse of ...

10 things you need to know about the EU GDPR privacy laws in the U.S. vs

Some critics consider the creation of the Senate, which acts as a brake on legislation, the original sin of the Constitution.

Child Custody Laws

Does the Old Testament Law Still Apply?

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Enforcing Condominium Association Rules and Bylaws

Why do people sue their boss?

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Sharia law: What it is, what it isn't, and why you should know

We should focus on this question, not on whether any given action is legal.

25 November 2010. El Fasher: Activities in El Negaa Stadium in El Fasher (

All Europeans are created equal. One of the fundamental principles of the EU is that citizens are all equal before the law. Yet the EU is not just a union ...

This monograph is the result of research aimed at highlighting the details of the initial period of the ILA's efforts to respond to the situation.

Introduction. Non-discrimination ...

Equality before Law 17 EL I_GCL 102; 18. Chapter 01 In the second place, rule of law means that no ...

America's bail system: one law for the rich, another for poor | Sadhbh Walshe | Opinion | The Guardian

What Does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Mean Today? - Quillette

Evolution of Law contd…

Chris Kindred / The Atlantic

Marijuana is illegal under federal law even in states that legalize it

First Amendment and free spech: When it applies and when it doesn't - CNNPolitics

The European Parliament, elected by EU citizens, makes new laws with the Commission and Council. To address the EU's "democratic deficit", ...

'Affirmative Consent' Law Demands a New Conversation on Sexual Assault | Time

Some of our writers started discussing the laws of the game - and got angrier and angrier. Here are their main gripes, and what they would change