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Nascar Daytona Flood Circuit Frtatzog The Challenge r of

Nascar Daytona Flood Circuit Frtatzog The Challenge r of


1970 Dodge Challenger RT coupe with a 426-cubic inch engine

Dodge Challenger

1973 Dodge Challenger

'66 Dodge Polara Coupe (Auto classique VAQ Mont St-Hilaire '11)

Charger-daytona-69 03

2008 Dodge Challenger

2010 Detonator Challenger RT Classic

Sales of the 1967 Chargers dropped to half of the previous introductory half-year with a total of 15,788 units.

Dodge Challenger Blacktop Concept

Dodge Challenger SRT8

(first posted 9/1/2012) For Chrysler, just getting up off the canvas after the “plucked chicken” fiasco of 1962 was hard enough without Ford doing something ...

In any case, it helps to be able to outrun the good old boys. The Charger hit the showrooms just months after the 426 Hemi became a regular production ...

A fratzog. First I've heard of it

Dodge Charger

1972 Dodge Challenger Rallye

2010 Dodge Challenger RT Nationwide COT NMPA

I found this '67 in a shopping mall parking lot, and it is in beautiful shape. Its grille and disappearing headlights represent Chrysler's first flirtation ...

Dodge Challenger (2008)

1971 Dodge Challenger convertible

So what was a beleaguered Chrysler to do? Fake it, that's what. And do so with a memorable and venerable name.

DAF – DAF Leyland – YA – Trucks – DAF Sherpa – Army

These are typical of the ads that flooded contemporary magazines and newspapers. They were part of a pretty effective campaign that sold over 37,000 1966 ...

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8

The ...

2011 Dodge Challenger SRT-8

The ...


1973 Dodge Challenger red

The Charger name showed up on this customized '64 Dodge Polara–a typical example of cars the Big Three would put on the car show circuit with no genuine ...

1964 dodge charger concept car

Duesenburgs modified to be trucks (trucks weren't very common, inexpensive, and got better gas rationing than cars during wars)

Dodge Charger Daytona

Dodge Viper Defender

Dodge felt that the fastback would make the car very aerodynamic, and actual racing proved it to be quite slippery. In combination with the 426 Hemi, ...


Fratzog, used 1962–1981


Dodge and Ram emblems

1959 Dodge Silver Challenger. Body and chassis

Dodge Venom Concept

Leyland-Daf 400 V8 1991 Ambulance by 'Mountain'

1954 Fargo in New Zealand

1973 Dodge Dart Swinger

Dodge Intrepid NASCAR

M1918 light repair truck G10, likely U.S. Army (Field Artillery Journal Sep-Oct 1920)



Chrysler cashed in on several subsequent cars bearing some variation of the Charger name. The FX class identifies this one as a factory car whose race parts ...

Dodge Racing ...

87-91 Dodge Daytona

Mopar National img 0005 (35014322981)

Cool Jeep spare tire cover

Dodge Viper RT/10 Concept

2011 Dodge Durango Crew

Dodge Polara 1973.jpg

08Challenger 009Template.jpg

OK, maybe the Charger wore its long back somewhat better than the Marlin. And it did make an impression on most of us who were around at that time.

Dodge Challenger SE formal rear window

Dodge Intrepid ESX III

Dodge Magnum

Ford Galaxie - 1959 Ford Galaxie Town Sedan

Like most folks in the industry, they assumed it was going to be just a sportier Falcon, and not something with all-new proportions and a totally ...

a 911 with a terrific license plate

2005 Dodge Neon ext 1.jpg

Argentinian Dodge Polara GTX coupé


The Charger is the only car (at least of its time) to have the Fratzog symbol fore and aft. Supposedly the name meant absolutely nothing and was dreamed up ...

1970 Dodge Challenger convertible six bak

Dodge Omni

In Argentina[edit]

Dodge Shadow

1954 Desoto Weller Special Ambulance Service Wagon

SRT Charger


1968 Polara coupe

Dodge Colt

1952 Packard 250 Convertible

Maybe ...

Just A Car Guy

DAIMLERS from WWI + later

1992 Dodge Viper engine

Dodge Monaco - 1969 Monaco 500 Hardtop Coupé, equipped with the optional Super-Lite

1954 Desoto Weller Special Ambulance Service Wagon

1915 Dodge Brothers Model 30-35 touring car

Dodge Monaco


As we know, the next year the Charger traded in its fastback for a tunnel-back, and showed the results of some serious estrogen infusion.

Dodge Monaco - 1968 Dodge Monaco 2-door hardtop

1969 Dodge DE Phoenix 400 hardtop sedan (6336280922)

... 1953 Packard Mayfair

Ford Falcon GT XY

Dodge Ram 50

Dodge Ram Runner Concept