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Soyny censoring Japanese games IN JAPAN YouTube Anime Japanese

Soyny censoring Japanese games IN JAPAN YouTube Anime Japanese


Soyny censoring Japanese games IN JAPAN

Sony Says PS4 Censorship Is To Protect Young People; Japanese Dev Acknowledges Censoring Games Is Very Costly - One Angry Gamer

Sony Censorship is killing gaming and Japanese games in decline

Delaying the Service

Just look at this nonsense

Sony Has Gone Censorship CRAZY! - Sony Japan Censors Japan-Only PS4 Version of a Visual Novel

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Sony's New Awful Censorship is RUINING Anime Games and Businesses

A Sony Crusade And Japan's Dying Console Market

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Sony doubles down on censorship policy, forcing Japanese developers to go through English inspections, censoring Japan only games

Sony PS4 Censorship STRIKES Japanese Game Devs

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Sony Censored PlayStation PS4 1

Blizzard Ex-Producer Accuses Sony USA of Censoring Games and Enforcing “Puritanism”

Many games have censored cover art: noirecensored.jpg. 3956ccd276964bfe7dc304bf0bb0672b9f4938bf

Sony's Censorship Sets a Worrying Precedent

[Correction] Indie Dev and Marvelous Community Affiliate Petitioning Sony to Stop Censoring Japanese Games

If you haven't, Senran Kagura is a hack and slash style game where you'll see plenty of well endowed anime girls in some more than revealing outfits.

Walled Garden 4 - PS5 Censorship and Sony's Guidelines

Sony's new policies are forcing Japanese developers to censor games.

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By platform holder, I mean the Sony PlayStation video game brand, of course. I'm also aware that another game called, Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal

Silverio Trinity 1

[Censorship] Will Usher - "Sony's PS4 Censorship Policy Forces Japanese Devs To Censor Games In Japan" : KotakuInAction

Silverio Trinity

Funimation - My Hero Academia

8:57 AM - 23 Feb 2019

Japanese Fans Overwhelmingly Loved the Official Senran Kagura Livestream Censored by YouTube

How Ratchet & Clank Is Changed In Japan. Censored Gaming

Nintendo, the company usually known for censoring games years ago is allowing content to be uncensored while the PlayStation version forces in these jarring ...

Sony PS4 Censorship PlayStation 4 1

Crash Bandicoot 3 - Japanese Version - Sony Playstation - Intro and first level

Sony Forces Japanese Devs to Censor Themselves

Let's Play: Omega Labyrinth Z - Part 3 (PS4, Japanese version/English commentary)

Following the news that Sony had begun regulating and censoring sexual content in video games to meet global standards, we've learned the company has ...

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[Opinion] Mark Kern: “Huge problem of censorship affecting games in Japan. Sony is doing a lot of damage.” : KotakuInAction

noraneko censorship

I have not seen this being talked about here, so I thought I'd bring some light to the issue which I think is important. This year, evidence has been ...

Japan's censorship of PlayStation 4 horror game 'Until Dawn' is spectacularly bad - Japan Today

The 20 Games of the Sony PlayStation Classic - Japan Edition!

How Days Gone Is Censored In Japan. Censored Gaming

The game was to be published in the west by PQube, the same localisation outfit that handled the excellent Gal*Gun: Double Peace (which was allowed into the ...

Mutiny!! is one of those “Kinetic Visual Novel” games where the length of the game is short and doesn't offer the player any multiple choices that takes the ...

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

When developer Light spoke about its game titled Silverio Trinity on a NicoNico stream, they mentioned that, “Sony seems to be moving toward disallowing ...

Attack on Titan - Funimation and Hulu


PlayStation changes standards for sexual content in response to #MeToo - Business Insider

How Dark Magician Girl Has Been Censored In Yu-Gi-Oh. Censored Gaming

Gakko no Kaidan vol 1.jpg

Degica Games


A beloved anime's now on Netflix, but not quite in the way fans want

How Onimusha Warlords Is Censored In English. Censored Gaming

Steam's latest puritan crackdown on Japanese games is explicitly racist

#DMCV #DevilMayCry5 #Sony


And if this is your idea of looking or acting "fully grown" image

Yeah, we're really living in a time where the Nintendo version of a game has more content than the PlayStation version

The 25 best game trailers from E3 2018

Mary Skelter 2 Censorship


Senran Kagura PS4 PlayStation 4 1


senran kagura burst renewal slash


Press Start: 'Devil May Cry' is another victim of the video game industry's censorship problem | Press Start | gazettextra.com

Steam Is Banning Sex Games With Young-Looking Characters [Update]

Unnamed (2) ...

PlayStation blocks launch of adult anime game Omega Labyrinth Z • Eurogamer.net

I heard on the internet that the art style is similar to the art style from the Disgaea series and the gameplay for exploring the labyrinth is similar to ...

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Why Germany Banned 'Criminal Girls 2', A Game It Deemed “Harmful To Minors” - VICE

In a previous story, we reported that Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal was delayed on PS4 due to a change in policy regarding sexual content. The game features ...

Sony says #MeToo, streaming behind stricter limits on sex in games | GamesIndustry.biz


How to make Japanese PSN for (Digital ) Region Locked Games

XSEED Confirms No Content in Fate/EXTELLA LINK Was Censored for the West

Sony has been in a crazy censorship policy recently where they are doing it to most of the niche games from Japan. They are catching a lot of flak for it, ...