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The Diva Cup has gained popularity recently so I decided to try it

The Diva Cup has gained popularity recently so I decided to try it


Combining our extensive menstrual cup knowledge and our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart we have created a quick quiz that will point you to the right ...

A woman holding a menstrual cup.

Why Are Menstrual Cups So Popular? Reusable Period Products Are Having A Definitive Moment

I tried using menstrual cups, this is what happened

Should we all use menstrual cups?

Not gonna lie, there's a steeper learning curve when it comes to cups than there is to tampons or pads. I soon learned to stop and take a break if I needed ...

The menstrual cup's long, sputtering history was determined by cultural and corporate factors.

What is a Menstrual Cup?

The Menstrual Cup: Towards a Period Revolution, One Vagina at a Time

What is a Menstrual Cup and what benefits

What is a Menstrual Cup

Lunette Menstrual Cups


The Menstrual Cup Quiz v2.0 - Improvements & A New Outcome!

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"Take a quiz to find a cup that will work for you. I

Menstrual Cup Fold cup and insert

How-to guide: using and cleaning your menstrual cup - Intimate Talk Blog - The Bloomi

For Malawi students, menstrual cups offer cost-saving alternative

Menstrual cups are steadily growing in popularity thanks to their convenience.

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Menstrual cup

7 Facts That Could Change Your Mind About Menstrual Cups

Other models later came onto the market and also failed until during the 1980s a soft cup model gained popularity. Enough of the history lesson though!

Read This Before Switching to a Menstrual Cup!

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their best tips for how to use a menstrual cup, and oh my god, they're about to change your ...

Sometime around the start of this year, I was exposed to the concept of a menstrual cup for the first time and it blew my mind.

What I Learned From Switching to Menstrual Cups

How long before removing menstrual cup

Cup is the Way

Ailsa Inglis

I track my symptoms every month and am rarely hesitant to talk about periods with close (and even not so close) friends.

Menstrual cup with pouch by Sckoon

normal anatomy of the pelvic area versus prolapsed

Why Do Americans Refuse to Give Up Tampons?

When I switched to a cup, I learned just how much I actually bleed every month. Absorbent products like pads or tampons are designed to pull all the blood ...

A Kotex newspaper advertisement from 1920.

menstrual cups. After that I gave up for a bit. My mother, who'd been dubious of this space-age silicone device from the start, advised I try tampons ...

Detailed review of Diva Cup Model 2 Menstrual Cup

menstrual cup comparisons

I learned that anything I can do with a tampon, I can do with a cup. In case you were wondering, I've gone swimming, horseback riding (but it wasn't in a ...

No matter where you stand on the menstrual cup debate, you have to agree that this design tweak makes the whole thing a whole lot easier.

Menstrual Cups versus tampons

We know your perfect menstrual cup based on 9 questions!

"Once you figure out the right technique for folding it, it'

Despite the name, this menstrual cup isn't just for teens; if you prefer a smaller cup size, this is a great buy. Many women also recommend this product for ...

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Everything you need to know about the Menstrual Cup - MyCup PIN IT

menstrual cups lessen global waste

Reusable Sanitary Pads have gained popularity in the last 10 years and are a great Zero Waste option. Read to see why you should try out Cloth Pads


Menstrual cups have been gaining popularity in recent years for many reasons: they're both cheaper and more environmentally-friendly than using pads and ...

I've been using the Diva Cup for 7 years and have never looked back

The DivaCup.


menstraul cups 1

Everything you need to know about the Menstrual Cup - Smart Cup PIN IT

Menstrual Cups

Aiwo Cup

Seal rotate and adjust menstrual cup inside vagina

Menstrual Cups Set Benefits 1

We know your perfect menstrual cup based on 9 questions!

Tampax just introduced a menstrual cup, but is that a good thing?


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Review of Lunette Model 2 Menstrual Cup

I tried my first menstrual cup a few times before my period arrived. This really helped me gain the confidence I needed to use it for real and trust that I ...

Will the Diva Cup Get Stuck??!

cleaning menstrual cups during your cycle

Some of Kerala's women are ditching sanitary napkins for menstrual cups

This cup is ideal for those who want to participate in physical activity during their period while still containing their heavy flow.

menstrual cups for running

LunaCopine Menstrual Cup

Towera Munthali learned about the menstrual cup from her neighbour, and she now encourages her friends and family to consider trying it.

Menstrual Cup FAQ

And now, I truly can't imagine my period without a menstrual cup. Yeah, it is ...

The DivaCup

JuJu Cup Model 4 - First Impressions (Menstrual Cup Unboxing)

history of menstrual cups

Honest Period Cup Review

The Lena Sensitive Menstrual Cup

femmycycle low cervix menstrual cup

What are the benefits of a menstrual cup vs. the tampon? (Dreamstime/

Juju Cup (Menstrual Cup) Unboxing

Diva Cup for travel

menstrual cups for running

A PACII Review: XO Flo Menstrual Cup

"The first time I didn't pinch hard enough and it felt like