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Why settle for just one kind of pond fountain this pond season

Why settle for just one kind of pond fountain this pond season


Backyard Ponds | Water Features & Fountains, Pasadena, MD

So relax, enjoy your pond and rest assured that your filter is doing its job without much intervention needed.

Create a true backyard oasis by adding a backyard water garden to your gardens and landscape design. Our team of experts can assist in the planning and ...

Diy clamshell fish pond

Kasco 3/4 HP Display Fountain, Pond Aerator - 115v

Building a Backyard Pond? Read This First

How to Build a Pond

We could turn the old hot tub area into a pond/fountain.

You may even notice a foul smell coming from your pond. You are treating for weeds and algae, but you're wondering if there is something else you can use to ...

Making the most of your pond: fountains, cascades, filters or still water

Wooden barrel waterfall over a backyard garden pond

green pond water

How to Build a Fish Pond or Garden Pond

Peaceful Pond and Deck

Health of Your Pond Fish

Bring Your Old Pond Back to Life

Easy to Clean. Pond Kits

1 20 Backyard Pond Photos

... you can easily create a one-of-a-kind pond, which you and your whole family can enjoy. Here are some tips and techniques to help turn your dream of a ...

Water fountains are not only aesthetically pleasing, they help aerate the water in ponds.

Photo of Oklahoma Ponds - Oklahoma City, OK, United States

A User-Friendly Guide to Fixing Pond Leaks

Pond in the Springtime

Private Pond and Waterfall

After scouring antique and junk stores we settled for this unique garden pond. We used

North Star Decorative Lake Aerator at a park. North Star Decorative Pond ...

Current Selection

Common reasons your pond water is murky, but becomes clear in a glass jar: rowdy fish like Koi and/or fish population is too high for the size of the pond, ...

Garden Pond Advice

A fountain adds beauty and health to a pond.

Stock tank painted with copper paint and turned into a water feature. Love it!

Do I Need To Treat My Pond Before Swimming?

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Lake Management

Pond fountains are a great way to add beauty to your pond while adding oxygen into your pond for optimal health.

Water Feature Maintenance

Pond Fountain Installation Maintenance Rochester Syracuse Buffalo NY

My pond water is now clear. A few days ago it was looking like "


Pacific Ponds &

Do I need to drain my pond water to clean efficiently?

North Star Decorative Lake Aerator at a resort

Waterscapes / Pondscapes


Pond water can simply look black due to surface reflection, but can also be caused by a build-up of waste and bad bacteria.

A Type III single-chamber NSP in Germany. The regeneration zone surrounds the perimeter

Image titled Get Rid of Algae in Ponds Step 1

Create Your Own Koi Pond

One of the best ways to keep your fish happy and your pond from not freezing over is a pond de-icer. In other cases people also use a pond air pump ...

Julie Bawden-Davis

How to do a Pond Clean Out

Amazon.com: TetraPond Filtration Fountain Kit, Includes 3 Fountain Attachments: Pet Supplies

Self-contained ponds can have great appeal with a small footprint, and many small

Gravel in a Koi Pond

of a outdoor pond

Philadelphia Exploratory Pond Cleaning

The term “fish kill” is used by biologists to describe a sudden die-off of a large number of fish. Fish kills may occur at any time throughout the year and ...

Decorative Ponds & Water Gardens Q & A. Q: My water turned brown last year. How do I stop it from happening

how to build a pond or water features

Dr Mohamed Abdel-Khalek hung plastic herons, a small plastic Santa, and a

Garden pond

How do you know if you should invest the money in a professional to do your spring maintenance on your pond or not? Should you do a spring maintenance on ...

SOLEDI Solar Panel Water Floating Pump Fountain Garden Pool Watering Solar Pump Set

AIR-O-LATOR fountains aerate shallow ponds with minimal evaporation

Tropical zen garden view with fountain and green plants best solar fountain pump

completed pond

Tips for preventing water loss in ponds or waterfalls.

How to Fix a Pond Leak

Backyard pond waterfall

Garden Fountain DIY

The Do's & Don'ts of Copper Sulfate in Ponds / Platinum Ponds & Lake Management Greenville SC | Charlotte NC | Asheville NC

Montgomery County Pond Cleaning

Your spring pond opening will take some time and work. However, it will get your pond ready for an enjoyable, fun summer of relaxation - watching the fish ...

koi pond extend season

Pond Design & Installation Considerations

Ponds are a haven for wildlife

Do I Need a Small Pond Aerator?

Otterbine Pond fountains

blanket weed spreads quickly in summer.

Blue green algae, cyanobacteria looks like paint on the pond surface

If yes, then create a pond in a pot. Learn how to make a container water garden full of water lilies and irises blooming, fountains bubbling and fishes ...

Vancouver Aquarium biologist Michael Manalang slowly introduces one of the koi fish into the pond at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden Thursday, ...

Everything You Need to Know to Build the Perfect Backyard Pond | This Old House

Lastly, is to make sure there is an open hole in the surface of the pond. If you live in the colder climates, your ponds surface may freeze over completely.

Smaller of Two Ponds

Hakai Magazine

The surface of a pond can become choked with aquatic vegetation (top).

Circulation: Make sure your pond pump is the correct size for your pond and waterfall. A pump provides valuable aeration to the water.

Transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary. Ponds can be as unique as you and customized to any configuration.

How To Build A Water Lily Pond

zen garden with massage stones and waterlily best solar pond pump

A well designed pond with an efficient filtration system should only require 10 to 15 minutes maintenance, once or twice a month.