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Fantasticfour fantastic four disney Fantastic four Fantastic

Fantasticfour fantastic four disney Fantastic four Fantastic


After several 'Fantastic Four' flops, Disney should use its upcoming Netflix competitor to revamp the franchise

fantastic four rights

Disney Reveals Plans For X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool Properties and More

Avengers Fantastic Four Disney Fox Merger

Disney/Fox Merger Will Bring the Fantastic Four Back to Marvel After All


If Comcast Beats Disney To Buying Fox, What Comes Next For The X-MEN And FANTASTIC FOUR?

Why Marvel Won't Get the Fantastic Four in the Disney Fox Merger! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Disney May Get X-Men, Fantastic Four Rights by Splitting Fox Assets with Comcast

Disney Bought Fox! So What's Next For The X-men, Fantastic Four and the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Help Name a Planetary System

Disney is on the verge of acquiring Fox, with most hurdles easily being overcome. This means that Marvel fans are wondering how the Fantastic Four and X-Men ...

Disney Officially Buys FOX X-Men & Fantastic Four Coming Home

'X-Men,' 'Fantastic Four' in Flux After Fox-Disney Deal

Disney MCU X-Men Fantastic Four

The boss of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige has now expected to acquire Fantastic Four and the X-Men franchises pretty soon. The details of the Fox and Disney ...

Marvel Fans Take on Comcast to Get X-Men, Fantastic Four Properties in the MCU

MarvelDisneyFoxX-MenDeadpoolFantastic Four A year ago by Joey Paur. I know that we all knew when Disney bought Fox that Marvel would get the rights back to ...

X-Men, Fantastic Four join Marvel Cinematic Universe after Disneys acquisition of Fox


Disney Buys Fox Film Rights: X-Men & Fantastic Four Finally Back at Marvel – MOVIE NOOZ

fantastic four

Disney nods at future of Fantastic Four, X-Men, Avatar and more Fox franchises in post-merger preview

Disney/Fox deal APPROVED; X-men and Fantastic Four return home!

The Fox-Disney Deal Has Been Finalized; Welcome Home, Fantastic Four & X-Men

John Krasinski - Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic

Disney Talks to Buy Fox Explained | Could X-Men & Fantastic Four Join MCU?! | Marvel Fox Deal

Fantastic Four, X-Men Can Team With Avengers Thanks to Fox, Disney Deal

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four and X-Men can team up with Avengers thanks to Disney takeover

Disney Buys Fox? X-men And Fantastic Four Joining The MCU?

Saoirse Ronan - Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman

If not, here's the Cliff Notes version: Marvel Studios, owned by Disney, has given Fox access to properties ...

10 X-MEN And FANTASTIC FOUR Characters Marvel Studios Should Prioritise Following The Disney/Fox Merger

X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avatar and Deadpool are all Disney owned Films Now CONFIRMED

The X-Men And Fantastic Four Return Home As Disney/Fox Deal's Now Complete

'X-Men' and 'Fantastic Four' Join MCU Following Disney-Fox Deal, 'Deadpool' Will Remain R-Rated

Even though the Disney/Fox merger was recently finalized. X-Men & Fantastic Four Unlikely ...

With Disney in the process of acquiring 20th Century Fox's movie assets, fans are dying to know when the X-Men or Fantastic Four might finally join the ...

Fantastic Four Marvel comics

The Fantastic Four May Not Be Fully Included In The Disney/Fox Deal – SuperBroMovies

X-Men, Fantastic Four to join Marvel Cinematic Universe as Disney buys Fox

Avengers' Chris Evans wants a Fantastic Four crossover with HIMSELF if Disney buys Fox

Could Disney's Merger with Fox Mean Marvel Has “Fantastic” Plans for Phase 4 ?

Fantastic Four (2015 film). Change is coming

Disney Confirm X-Men, Fantastic Four And Deadpool Will Join The Marvel Universe

The Disney/Fox Speculation — Welcome Home X-Men & Fantastic Four?

The Fantastic Four have cast a long shadow over the MCU, and rumors about their potential addition have been rife ever since their last outing in Fox's ...

Disney/Fox Merger Will Bring the Fantastic Four Back to Marvel After All

Did Disney 'Tease' X-Men and Fantastic Four Movies Yesterday? Not Exactly

Disney-Fox deal means X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four can join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Fantastic Four may finally be able to team up with the Avengers.

Fantastic Four in the MCU

... all the things I'm looking forward to about the Disney/Fox movie deal, one of them is possibly seeing Spider-Man's relationship with the Fantastic Four.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Part 82: Fantastic Four Lore

The Fantastic Four and the X-Men very well could be in the MCU due to Disney In the process of purchasing 20th Century Fox.

Disney's deal to unite X-Men and Fantastic Four in the MCU is expected to close very soon

fantastic four

Fantastic 4 Infinity Sketches

Marvel/Disney Hybrid Contest - Fantastic Four (1st Place)

Here's How The X-MEN And FANTASTIC FOUR Could Be Introduced In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

New Line Cinema had the rights to Iron Man and Blade. Universal Studios owned the Hulk. Lionsgate Entertainment even had the rights to Black Widow.

Illustration for article titled Why I Love the Fantastic Four

After finding out that Disney and Fox reached a deal in which the rights of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four are reverted back to Marvel(Thank god), ...

Disney Buys FOX Welcome X-Men, Deadpool And Fantastic Four!!!

Could Disney's Fox takeover mean the "X-Men" and "Fantastic Four" join the MCU?

According to a reports, Disney and Fox are closing the deal that would bring the X-Men, Fantastic Four and related characters into the MCU.

Disney X-Men. Good news for Marvel fans and true believers, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four ...

Fantastic Four Comic Cancellation Not Related To The Movie According To Disney & Fox Executives

While estranged Marvel properties the X-Men and the Fantastic Four aren't home just yet, they will be back at Marvel soon as the Disney/Fox deal is in the ...

The Fantastic Four and X-Men Come Home Next Week

disney about to buy fox, X men, fantastic four and avengers together?

UPDATED: Disney has purchased Fox, and with it came both the X-Men and Fantastic Four, so any hint of doubts in the intro that we would get the Fantastic ...

Disney Marvel Fantastic Four Thing 8cm Action Figure Anime Mini Decoration PVC Collection Figurine Toy model for children gift

Disney boss says Marvel does plan to incorporate X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool in the MCU

Super Skrull °° Fantastic Four ... Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H. °° Disney XD ... DNP

X-Men TV Series or Fantastic Four Coming To Disney Play? | Cosmic Book News

Fantastic Four, Photo puzzle game

The Fantastic Four

Today, in the “not so surprising” news; 20th Century Fox has canned all future X-Men and Fantastic Four related films and spin-offs.

While Disney and Fox are still ironing out the details of their deal, Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo seem to be looking forward to ...

The Disney-Fox ...

Disney CEO Reveals X-Men, Fantastic Four, & Deadpool MCU Plans

The Fab Four as the Fantastic Four by mooky7sa ...

X-Men and Fantastic Four rights might be headed to Disney - could we finally see these characters in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite?

disney fox fantastic four x men marvel cinematic universe

The 1994 FANTASTIC FOUR prior to the Disney-Fox merger.

With the Disney/Fox deal, Marvel Studios should take over X-Men and Fantastic Four movies. '

Disney Fantastic Four by Dreekzilla ...

Does Marvel Cinematic Universe Include X-Men & Fantastic Four Alongside Avengers & More? Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige Comments!

That isn't to say that a deal won't be brokered for Marvel/Disney to enter into a similar agreement, similar to the one that Sony made for Spider-Man and ...

Disney CEO confirms that Deadpool, X-Men and Fantastic Four are heading to the MCU